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        " We searched for so long in our area to find a Christian counselor with a Biblical worldview!"                        

The spiritual needs of individuals and families can be overwhelming these days. The pastor's schedule is often overloaded and the issues complex. In the midst of our suffering, where do we find an available, qualified, and skillful helper to walk alongside? Where do we find hope?

"My sheep hear My voice and they follow Me."  Jesus Christ


Meeting Susan Carlton, PhDc, BCBC

         When God prepares His servant, He carefully ordains circumstances and experiences, hardships and blessings for the most fruitful harvest in the life of His beloved.

        Susan Carlton brings evidence of a Christ-directed life of loving service to her husband Jim, three great (but not perfect) children and their spouses, and six (absolutely perfect) grandchildren. They have been residents of Streetsboro, Ohio since 1976.

       Since first hearing the Word of truth and acknowledging her absolute dependence on God’s Presence and grace, Susan has chosen to maintain a hearing heart, listening to the voice of her Shepherd and ministering that Word to others who must hear.

             A background in geriatric and community health nursing, worship leading, and cell church ministry married beautifully        with  Susan's call to pastoral ministry which came in 2001. For six years, the Carltons opened their home to the elderly in           need of serious clinical care; a pregnant Egyptian woman running for her life and seeking asylum in the US, and later, her         son; and a homeless single mom and her two year old daughter.

         Experience in this level of caregiving soon revealed that people's spiritual needs must be met in tandem with their physical needs and very often before physical changes can come about in their lives.

         While doing an in-home assessment for a home health care agency, it became clearly evident to Susan that many folks in the community were not being reached with a demonstration of the gospel by most traditional church methods. Time in prayer resulted in a "Who will go for us?" experience, followed by a humble, "Here I am, send me," response.

         With no guarantee of financial security, and unaware of where God was leading, she and Jim made the decision to follow the call without reservation and to be the founders of Shepherd of the Valley Community Resource Center. They were ordained together to pastoral ministry in 2003 and sent out with blessing to minister in cell group settings.

         It soon became evident that the Lord was leading Susan to further her education and she obeyed the additional call to preparation. At age 50, she embarked on an academic adventure that has yet to reach its climax.

          On her days off from Biblical counseling, you might find her singing in her heart to the Lord with dirt under her fingernails, working in the gardens; striking up new friendships with strangers in the community who need the love of Jesus; writing poetry; or reading some of her favorite 'mentors' like Charles Haddon Spurgeon and his Christ in the Old Testament sermons. Her more recent interests include blogging, Web building, and public speaking.

         Lord willing, she will fulfill her calling well into old age, as she is living the promises of God and looks forward to continued growth in grace and in the knowledge of Christ until He comes for her.

         Jim and Susan are eternally thankful, giving all glory and honor to their Savior and Redeemer, the Lord Jesus Christ.

"Lead me in Your truth, and teach me: for You are the God of my salvation; on You do I wait all the day." 

Psalm 25:5



Shepherd of the Valley Community Resource Center
is dedicated to bringing the voice and ministry
of the Lord Jesus Christ   
to men, women, and children
for the restoration of whole communities
to the glory of God, the Father.


Shepherd of the Valley Community Resource Center has been providing
  compassionate, firmly Christ-centered Biblical counseling for our community since 2001.


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